President's Message

Mahmut Nedim DORAL, MD, President APOA 2016-2018

Dear APOA Members,

It is my proud privilege to extend my greetings to you from Turkey. The Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association that began life in 1962 as the Western Pacific Orthopaedic Association has entered a new and vital phase of its development: We are now the world’s biggest orthopaedic federation. I am honoured to be its President and will do my utmost to protect its core values and advance its aims

Our history has inevitably profound effects on our present, and our future. Today the APOA represents a multi-cultural, multi-linguistic, and mosaic international structure. Our differences are the main source of our strength! In this context, I believe that friendship, sincerity, trust, respect, loyalty, and fidelity are the main glues that will hold us together for years, as in the past. Together with the members of the Executive Committee and the APOA Council, I hope to FURTHER enhance the great strides that have been made in the recent past.

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Mahmut Nedim DORAL, MD
President, APOA 2018-2020

APOA Objectives

The objects for which the Association is established are:

  • To advance the science, art and practice of orthopaedic surgery in the region particularly in those countries with chapters;

  • To promote professional education, research, and other interest in orthopaedic surgery;

  • To share knowledge of and solutions to medical problems;

  • To assist countries of the region in all matters relating to orthopaedic surgery;